Our Services

Hearing Evaluation

HearMax Centre provides a number of diagnostic services to evaluate clients’ hearing which may include Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA), Tympanometry and Oto acoustic Emission(OAE) tests and other subjective assessment methods to determine the type and range of hearing loss.

Hearing Aids

The HearMax Centre offers both custom and non-custom amplification devices (Hearing Aids) to suit clients’ hearing profile, style preferences, lifestyle and cosmetic appeal. Our hearing aids start from #150,000 upward. We offer our clients the opportunity to opt in for our pocket friendly payment plans designed to make payment easy for them or paying in full based on their financial ability.

Hearing Aids Servicing and Repairs

We deliver professional hearing aid servicing and repairs at affordable costs.

Sales of Hearing Aid Accessories and Batteries

After you’ve chosen the right hearing aids for you, it’s important to choose the best hearing aid accessories to complement and help maintain them which is why we are particular about delivering on this important part of hearing aids self-maintenance.

Some of the necessary accessories needed to care for and maintain your hearing aid may be provided during the purchase of hearing aids while others you may need to purchased separately.

Screening Programs

The HearMax centre develops and implements both school and occupational hearing screening programs for early identification and intervention for pupils and workers at risk of developing hearing loss.

Speech Language Therapy

The center provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic consultations, assessments and intervention for individuals with speech and language/communication difficulties. We offer both  Pediatric, Adult, and Geriatric therapeutic services geared towards improving functional communication and guaranteeing better quality of life amongst clients.