Screening Programs
The HearMax centre develops and implements both school and occupational hearing screening programs for early identification and intervention for pupils and workers at risk of developing hearing loss.
Hearing Aids
The HearMax Centre offers both custom and non-custom amplification devices (Hearing Aids) to suit clients’ hearing profile, style preferences, lifestyle and cosmetic appeal.
Sales of Hearing Aid Accessories and Batteries
It is important to choose the best hearing aid accessories to complement and help maintain your hearing aids. This is why we are particular about delivering on this important part of hearing aids self-maintenance.
Why Choose Us

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Our Mission
To offer quality and affordable support services to individuals with hearing challenges and communication disorders, aiding them in achieving their fullest potential.
Our Vision
To revolutionize ear and hearing care in Africa by making advanced technologies universally accessible, transforming hearing health from a privilege to a fundamental right for all Africans, regardless of their location or economic status.