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The HearMax Centre is an Ear and Hearing Health support centre situated on Moremi street, New Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State. Our centre is committed to providing excellent services to clients across Nigeria. We pride ourselves on the consideration of our clients by clarifying and advising each individual client on what treatment alternatives are most appropriate and will give the best outcome for hearing and other communication challenges. 

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I was not able to hear anything before until I located Hearmax Centre. I remember when I was fitted with Hearing aids, I felt like I had just been given a new life again and ever since then, I have been empowered to live a good life. The team works in love and they provide fast, effective and very affordable services to me anytime I visit. I want to tell everyone with Hearing Challenges out there to go out and seek for intervention at HearMax because for someone like me to overcome Hearing Challenge, I believe many people can overcome it too. Thanks to Hearmax Centre.
Mufutau Sarafadeen
I was usually discouraged and feeling helpless by the rising costs of purchasing, repairs and maintenance of standard hearing aids. I felt dejected for so long till I met a member of the HearMax team. The team has really made a lasting impact and contributed immensely to giving me a new lease of life by their devotion and commitment to making hearing a natural experience for me. HearMax is indeed one of the best places to have access to good hearing evaluation, hearing aids and ongoing Aftercare support.

Ezekiel Adekoya

Frequently Asked Questions

When presented with hearing problems, your first point of contact should be a qualified Audiologist. An Audiologist will carry out an evaluation of your hearing ability and provide you with expert advice on steps to conserve your hearing and/or rehabilitation as the case may be.

There is no definitive answer to this as hearing loss presentations differ widely amongst people. However, when the hearing loss becomes a limiting factor in daily life activities and events, its probably time to get tested and fitted with an amplification device.

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